• 1、 Metso Crusher Parts are interchangeable with the original parts, only need to provide the original part number can be made, material and size are in line with the original quality.
    2、Metso Parts production of fine arts perfection, the original material are the use of the best materials, so that users can rest assured that whether before or after the purchase of the purchase can be assured that the use of procurement.
    3、Metso Crusher Parts are smooth and not rough, after rigorous testing and testing, to meet the requirements of a variety of crushing machines, and provide the necessary flexibility to ensure high efficiency and productivity.
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  • 1. Metso Distribute Place has an extensive distribution network around the world and is able to quickly and effectively Distribute products to markets and customers.
    2. Metso Distribute Place works closely with logistics partners to ensure that products reach customers as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost.
    3. Metso Distribute Place can manage inventory according to market demand and customer orders, ensure the timely supply of products and reduce the risk of overstock.
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  • 1. The Metso Bowl is made of high quality materials with excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance and can be used for long periods of time in harsh working conditions.
    2. The Metso Bowl is precisely designed to ensure precise fit with other parts, reduce the risk of leakage and vibration, and improve efficiency and stability.
    3. The Metso Bowl has an optimized internal structure and fluid dynamics design to provide efficient material handling and separation performance to increase production efficiency.
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  • 1. Metso Armor is made of high hardness and wear resistant material, which can effectively resist wear and impact, and extend the service life of the equipment.
    2. Metso Armor design and manufacturing processes ensure high strength and impact resistance.
    3. Metso Armor design takes into account the convenience of installation and replacement, making the installation and replacement work more simple and efficient.
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  • 1. Metso Copper Parts is known for its high quality Copper Parts, which have excellent corrosion resistance and high strength and can be used in a variety of environments for long periods of time.
    2. Metso Copper Parts is precisely manufactured and subjected to strict quality control to ensure the reliability and stability of its components. This makes them widely trusted in a variety of industrial applications.
    3. Metso Copper Parts can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of customers for different applications.
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  • 1. The Metso Locking Ring is made of high quality material with outstanding strength and durability, and is capable of withstanding high load and long service life.
    2. The Metso Locking Ring is precisely sized and designed to ensure tight fit with other parts, reducing the risk of looseness and vibration.
    3. The Metso Locking Ring features a simple installation and disassembly design that allows quick and easy installation and replacement, saving time and labor costs.
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  • 1. Metso Cone Feed Plate is made of high abrasion resistant material, which can resist the impact and wear of high strength and extend the service life.
    2. Metso Cone Feed Plate can be adapted to different types and specifications of Cone crusher, with strong versatility.
    3. The design of Metso Cone Feed Plate is reasonable, which can effectively control the material flow, ensure the material evenly distributed in the crushing cavity, and improve the crushing efficiency.
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  • 1. Metso Countershaft Bushings is made of high quality materials with excellent wear resistance and long life under high speed rotation and heavy load conditions.
    2. This product adopts advanced lubrication technology, can effectively reduce friction and wear, extend the service life of equipment.
    3. The durability and reliability of Metso Countershaft Bushings reduces the frequency of equipment maintenance and reduces the cost of replacement parts.
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  • 1. Metso Eccentric uses advanced technology and design to provide efficient crushing and screening performance.
    2. Metso Eccentric was designed to be stable and reliable in terms of performance over a long period of time.
    3. The design of Metso Eccentric takes into account the convenience of maintenance, making it easier and more efficient to maintain and maintain. Its key components and vulnerable parts are easy to replace and repair, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
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  • 1. Metso Fixed Cone is made of high strength alloy material, with excellent wear resistance, can withstand high strength impact and wear, extended service life.
    2. The Metso Fixed Cone is designed and manufactured with precision calculations and optimization to provide stable performance and ensure efficient operation of crusher or crusher equipment.
    3. The junction and shape of Metso Fixed Cone are precisely designed to provide precise crushing effect and achieve required material crushing and particle size control.
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