• 1.Symons Cone Crusher has a wide range of applications and has a higher share than other Cone Crusher. 
    2.Symons Cone Crusher contains Symons 3Ft C, Symons 4.25Ft Cone Crusher, Symons 5.5Ft Cone Crusher, Symons 7Ft Crusher.
    3.Symons Cone Crusher is divided into standards: standard and short -headed crushing cavity.
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  • 1. Mtso HP Cone Crusher has the characteristics of high productivity and high fine crushing.
    2.The unique "inter-particle laminated crushing" action principle makes the material grade more uniform, and the material used for production is more tidy (cube), thus improving the price of new products.
    3.The short-head cavity type is used for fine crushing in the concentrator.
    4.The product size is finer and the flour content is higher, achieving a better effect of "more crushing and less grinding".
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  • 1.Sandvik CS/CH Cone Crusher has compact overall design and strong crushing capacity.
    2.Sandvik CS/CH Cone Crusher compact design provides more convenient conditions for users during on-site installation and maintenance.
    3.Sandvik CS/CH Cone Crusher is higher rotating speed and longer crushing chamber can show greater crushing ratio compared with other cone crushers and greater improvement of product particle size.
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  • 1、Minyu HYP Compound Hydraulic Cone Crusher structure is reasonable, and the mechanism and technical parameters are broken, and the operation is reliable; Low operating cost; It has the characteristics of large crushing force, high production efficiency and high yield.
    2、Minyu HYP Compound Hydraulic Cone Crusher hydraulic system is convenient and reliable, and can provide safe and effective overload protection.
    3、Multiple types of crushing chambers meet the requirements of large range of product size. degree of automation is greatly improved by adopting hydraulic zeroing and hydraulic cavity cleaning.
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  • 1.Spring cone crusher is one of the most widely used cone crusher in the domestic market at present, and it is also the first cone crusher applied in the mining field.
    2.Spring cone crusher is characterized by reliable structure, stable operation, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment, and uniform product size.
    3.Spring cone crusher is our main product. Common cone crusher has four specifications: 900, 1200, 1750 and 2200.
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  • 1.PYF compound cone crusher is a new type crusher with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and economy independently developed by our company.
    2. PYF compound cone crusher with traditional cone crusher, it has obvious advantages in terms of production capacity, finished material size, service life, etc.
    3.PYF compound cone crusher is suitable for crushing ores and rocks of various hardness and materials, and also for crushing construction waste.
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