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Construction waste disposal


Construction waste disposal

The problem of construction waste disposal has always been a major problem plaguing urban development. With the acceleration of urbanization, the amount of construction waste generated is increasing, bringing serious pollution and resource waste to the environment. Therefore, construction waste disposal has become one of the environmental problems that need to be solved nowadays. In order to effectively deal with construction waste, we need to establish a complete set of construction waste treatment equipment system. So, how much is the total investment required for a complete set of construction waste treatment equipment?

Technical principle and process: This equipment is a set of movable recycled aggregate production line, including crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, feeder, electric control system and so on. The equipment can be stationed in the demolition site or construction waste dump, the construction waste is fed into the crusher for crushing by the feeder, the coarse material after screening and sorting is returned to the crusher for crushing again, and the qualified finished products are sent to the vibrating screen for sorting, so that the materials with different granularity levels can be obtained, and the rate of the recycled aggregates from construction waste is ≥90%.

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Process flow: feeding→crushing→iron removal→conveying→screening→recycled aggregate.

Technical indexes: (1) Construction waste recycled aggregate resource utilization rate ≥90%; (2) The product meets the requirements of GB/T25176 and GB/T25177.

(1) Integrated folding design. All parts of the mobile construction waste crushing and screening plant are completely on-board, no need to dismantle parts for transportation, and the vehicle body is generalized for quick assembly. The mainframe adopts modular design, replacing the mainframe can meet different crushing and screening needs.

(2) Recycled aggregate crushing and shaping technology. According to the differences in the structural properties of coarse aggregate and aggregate (including hardened cement mortar), the coarse aggregate and aggregate (including hardened cement mortar) in the waste concrete are separated by mechanical grinding to obtain two kinds of products, coarse aggregate is reused in the new configuration of concrete, and the fine material is used for concrete admixture after grinding and processing.

The price of a complete set of construction waste treatment equipment is based on the size and function of the equipment. The price of large construction waste treatment equipment is relatively high, while the price of small equipment is relatively low. In addition, the price of equipment from different manufacturers may also vary. Therefore, to determine the total investment of a complete set of construction waste treatment equipment, it is necessary to consider the specific equipment size and function.

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The total investment of a complete set of construction waste treatment equipment is a complex issue, which requires comprehensive consideration of equipment price, installation and operation costs. If you are interested in investing in construction waste treatment equipment, it is recommended that you evaluate your investment on a case-by-case basis while ensuring the quality and performance of the equipment, so as to better achieve the goals of environmental protection and resource utilization.