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Features and working principle of rotary screen


Features and working principle of rotary screen

Plane rotary screening machine introduction

Plane rotary screening machine is a new type of screening equipment developed by introducing foreign 

advanced technology. This machine has the advantages of reasonable design, smooth operation, fully 

closed structure, no dust dye, anti-clogging holes, anti-sticking mesh, etc. Especially for the moisture 

absorption, viscous, easy to plug the holes sticky mesh urea screening is more obvious. Due to the 

principle of plane rotary movement, it effectively reduces the dynamic-static ratio of the equipment

 and the dynamic load of the foundation. The equipment adopts plane rotary screening machine up 

and down vibration, under the net with automatic cleaning equipment, compared with the traditional 

linear screen, improve the screen life, low noise, large screening area and other advantages.

Working principle of plane rotary screening machine:

The working principle of plane rotary screening machine is mainly realized by using the movement of

 eccentric block, which has the shape of uniform reciprocating gyratory movement, and the inclination

 angle is generally 4-9 degrees. And through the drive box to the sieve machine, the material in the 

feed end of the horizontal circular movement, in the length direction gradually become elliptical 

movement, and finally in the discharge end into an approximate reciprocating linear movement.

After the material enters the sieve body through the inlet, under the action of vibration force, it can 

be more evenly distributed on the screen surface of the plane rotary sieve machine, and the smaller

 materials in the lower layer can quickly pass through the screen, and the upper and lower layers of 

materials are moving to the discharge end at the same time.

Plane rotary sifter features:

1, less dust, low noise, small vibration, stable operation;

2、No dust dyeing, anti-clogging holes, anti-sticky mesh and other advantages in one, perfect and

 efficient completion of the material screening process;

3、The internal streamline design of the discharge port solves the material deposition and avoids 


4、Fixed screen mesh structure is simple, quick change of screen, screen layer with fixed;

5、Applied to granular materials, crushed materials, professional grading and secondary recycling 

crushing process screening.