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How much is the 800 ton granite production line? Equipment configuration and pictures


How much is the 800 ton granite production line? Equipment configuration and pictures

Granite belongs to the intrusive rock in the acid magmatic rock, a kind of common rock, its formation process is usually closely related with the continental tectonics, metamorphism and mineralization, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, after processing, applied to construction, municipal, transportation and other projects, for the production line of 800 tons of granite how much a set? How is the device configured? For more information, please refer to below.

cone crusher

Production line equipment configuration of 800 tons granite


Granite is a deep-seated acidic igneous rock with a hard, dense texture, high strength and resistance to weathering. Its hardness is 5-7 grades, with a high quartz content. It is considered a relatively hard material in ore materials, so granite processing generally use jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact sand machine and other equipment, the specific production process design and equipment configuration process, not only to consider output, also consider raw materials, particle size, discharge, site, and other requirements, the following is a real customer program for your reference. 

Feed granularity ≤960mm discharge specification: 0.25-0.5-5-10MM 

Equipment configuration: vibrating feeder → Hubei Crusher → Cone Crusher → impact sandmaking machine → vibrating screen → conveyor

jaw crusher


In the process of equipment collocation, considering that the raw material is hard rock, the wear resistance of the equipment will be higher, the jaw crusher and cone crusher are selected, but the quality of the finished product and the grain size are also higher, at the same time to meet both sand and stone, so add a impact sand machine, into a round sand, cubic sand, no fine lines, needle-like low content, bring more considerable economic benefits. 

Feed granularity ≤1020mm discharge specification: 3-5-10-15-30MM 

Equipment configuration: vibrating feeder → Hubei Crusher → cone crusher → vibrating screen → conveyor;

metso parts

This set of collocation plan is designed according to the customer  various situations, various levels of crushing equipment match reasonable, as well as strict spatial cross-layout, covers a small area, high economic benefits, the finished product grain good, full specifications, high wear-resistant equipment, to solve the problem of late-running costs too high, in addition, the overall more intelligent, equipped with remote touch screen interface, reduce workload and personnel configuration, more convenient operation.