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How much is the annual production line of 1 million tons of aggregate?


How much is the annual production line of 1 million tons of aggregate?

Sand and stone aggregate production line is also called sand and stone production line. It is used to produce special production line equipment for building sand and stone. In recent years, the construction industry has been in the developing stage, it consumes zero tons of aggregate every year, so the large-scale aggregate production line is more popular in the market? About its process flow, equipment configuration and other content, this article has introduced.

jaw crusher

Annual output of 100 million tons of aggregate production line process and equipment configuration.

The sand aggregate production line is mainly composed of feeder, crusher, vibrating screen, conveyor and other equipment. It is suitable for limestone, basalt, granite, pebbles and other nearly 200 kinds of stone materials, usually, in the process design, not only the output, but also the type and hardness of master batch, particle size, site, and other requirements. 

According to the annual production demand of 1 million tons, based on an average of 264 working days per year, working 8-12 hours per day, the output per hour is about 315-473 tons, here are the technical engineers to design programs on demand, specific annual output of 100 million tons of aggregate production line process as follows, for your reference.

cone crusher

Aggregate production line process flow diagram

Sand aggregate production line system composition

Feed system: it is to each stage crusher equipment and screening machine feed raw materials, complete the feeding link of the equipment has vibration feeder or other types of feeding equipment.

Crushing system: is the key to the whole set of equipment, will be a variety of ore raw materials broken into the required size of finished materials, a joint aggregate production line can be composed of multiple crusher, these crushing mechanical properties are different, together to complete the stone crushing work. 

Screening and conveying system: the crushed stone is screened by screening machine. In the production line, the sand and stone need to be separated, and the graded sand and stone need to be transported to their respective sites, therefore, the process of the use of equipment is generally circular vibrating screen or other screening machinery.

Sand aggregate production line equipment configuration

Suitable material: dolomite feed particle size: ≤750mm finished particle size: 3-5-10-30MM 

Equipment configuration: vibrating feeder + HD110 jaw crusher + PF-1520 impact Crusher + vibrating screen + conveyor; comprehensive customer situation, in the process design, the jaw-breaking and cone-breaking equipment are selected. The automatic operation process of the equipment has higher production efficiency, lower running cost, less pollution and easy maintenance, the finished products include stone and machine-made sand. The crushed products are cube-shaped and needle-flake-shaped with low content, no inner crack and reasonable grading.

How much is the annual production line of 1 million tons of aggregate?

It will cost around Zero Yuan to build a 1 million-ton aggregate production line. Due to the high production demand, the equipment configuration is large. However, the details have to be combined with actual selection, with equipment configuration, model selection, program design, and mining machinery and equipment manufacturers more, each enterprise will be different quotation. How much is the production line with an annual output of 1 million tons of aggregate? 

There are managers who provide factory quotation sheets and design plans that can be obtained by website or telephone. Moreover, Shenyang Shanyou heavy industry construction factory has been cooperating with many miners for many years, feedback is quite good, can go to the site visit, or to the plant to inspect the equipment, and the construction of a set of after-sales service system, at any time for you.