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Installation of the main parts of the hammer crusher


Installation of the main parts of the hammer crusher

In order to help you better operate and use the hammer crusher, the following is a compilation of the installation method of the main components of the hammer crusher:

1, the frame. Before installation, the contact surface must be carefully checked to see if it is correct, the horizontal and vertical adjustment of the frame should be measured on the horizontal axis with the bearing as the reference plane, and the general tolerance is 0.15mm per meter; the longitudinal horizontal tolerance is generally 0.5mm per meter.

2. Hammer head. Installation of hammer crusher hammer head, should be weighed, weighed along the radial balanced symmetrical installation. Symmetrical arrangement of two rows of hammerheads in the middle of the heaviest, to both sides of the decreasing way to grade.

3. Rotor. Hammer crusher spindle mounted components, cotter pins are not completely broken open, the rotor for static balance check, static and then test. After reaching dynamic balance, install it on the lower frame, fix the upper cover of the bearing seat with bolts and tighten the nut.

4、Upper frame. First, install the liner plate inside the upper rack, then, install the side plate and folding plate on it. After adjusting the position, fix it with bolts and nuts.

5、Lower rack. The lower rack of the hammer crusher should be adjusted on the foundation with the help of steel wedge, the base surface of the installation is required to be straight, and the ground bolts should be tightened repeatedly. In addition, the connection between the lower rack and the base surface shall not leak dust.

6、Grate bar and eccentric wheel. When installing the grate and eccentric wheel, you need to rotate the rotor by hand for 3-5 weeks, observe whether there is any interference with the hammer head or unreasonable clearance, tighten the nut after checking and passing, and require symmetrical tightening. Adjust the gap between the inner surface of the grate screen and the top of the hammer head for turning the eccentric pin, adjust to a gap of 10-13mm, which can control the uniformity of the product size of the hammer crusher.

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