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What are the types of granite sand making machine equipment? How to choose a sand making equipment manufacturer?


To invest in a sand and gravel plant, it is necessary to choose equipment reasonably to ensure stable production. Investment users should configure the sand making machine equipment according to your actual needs, and the processing procedures can be adjusted appropriately. The selection of equipment should also be based on reality. So, what are the types of sand making machine equipment that can be used for granite processing sand and gravel materials? How to choose a manufacturer of granite sand making machine equipment? This article will introduce you one by one.

Granite impact sand making machine

cone crusher

Impact sand making machines have many advantages. On the one hand, they can buffer the impact of materials on the sand making machine components, ensuring that the casing is not damaged and extending the service life of the equipment; On the other hand, the structure is reasonable, the deep chamber is crushed, and the feeding port is large, which can avoid the unstable performance caused by excessive load during the processing of sand and gravel, which is conducive to improving the sand production yield and efficiency.

Granite mobile sand making machine

jaw crusher

This device has strong mobility and high level of intelligence, which is an advantage that other similar devices do not have. It can enter and exit the sand and gravel plant freely without restrictions, and has a wider range of applications in sand and gravel processing. Moreover, it integrates functions such as crushing, sand making, and screening, making it a mobile sand and gravel processing line that is very convenient to use and stable and reliable.

In addition to the above equipment, in order to make granite into sand and gravel aggregates, crushers (jaw crushers, cone crushers, etc.) and auxiliary equipment (feeders, vibrating screens, conveyors, sand washing machines, etc.) are also required

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