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What bearing should be selected for vibrating screen


Vibrating screen rolling bearings in the working process by the feed material brought about by the impact load is large, the centrifugal force and centrifugal acceleration generated by the high-speed rotation of the eccentric block is also large, coupled with more dust in the working environment, so the use of the type of bearings, limiting the rotational speed, the installation of fit dimensions, clearance, self-lubricating performance and other requirements are higher, the ordinary bearings are easy to be damaged in the work of the poor working conditions. If the bearing is improperly selected at the early stage of design, the service life of the bearing will be shorter.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose special bearings for vibrating screen. Commonly used vibrating screen bearings generally have cylindrical roller bearings and spherical roller bearings in two forms. Cylindrical roller bearings have larger radial bearing capacity, higher limit rotational speed, strong bearing capacity for static and dynamic loads, but the coaxiality of the bearing holes requires a higher degree of coaxiality.

Spherical roller bearings not only have a large radial bearing capacity, but also can withstand any direction of the axial load, good centering performance, can compensate for the different axes caused by the processing of the bearing housing hole, but can not withstand pure axial load.

Due to the vibrating screen use environment is relatively harsh, many bearing manufacturers for vibrating screen production of special large clearance bearings, bearing materials using special materials, the structure is also more common than ordinary bearings have a greater difference, has a strong bearing capacity, good impact resistance, good lubrication performance.

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