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What kind of role does the thrust plate play in jaw crusher components and how should it be replaced?


What kind of role does the thrust plate play in jaw crusher components and how should it be replaced?

Thrust plate is also known as push plate and elbow plate, which is the main component of jaw crusher and plays a very crucial role in the working process of jaw crusher. Next, we will introduce the thrust plate of the jaw crusher in detail from the structural composition of the thrust plate, the function of the thrust plate and the replacement of the thrust plate.

I. Structural composition of the propeller

According to its structural composition, it can be divided into two categories: assembled type and one-piece type. The sleeves used in the simple pendulum jaw breakers are of the assembled type, under which only a part of the sleeves need to be replaced in case of failure due to wear and tear, thus effectively saving operating costs. In practical use, because these thrust plates (elbow plates) are heavy, so they should be designed as lifting rings; because the weight and volume of compound pendulum jawbreaker are relatively small, so the integrated thrust plate is adopted.

Second, the function of thrust plate

Thrust plate is the key component of jaw crusher, in which it plays an important role.

1、Support the movable jaws and transfer the crushing force to the back side of the frame.

2、The size of the crusher discharge opening can be adjusted by replacing different specification stops.

3、Safety measures for the whole set of equipment. In the process of feeding, if too much material that is not easy to crush or ordinary metal pieces that can not be crushed are dropped in the process of feeding, in order to prevent the push plate from rupturing itself and other parts from being damaged.

Jaw Crusher, Thrust Plate Replacement Method

During the operation of the jaw crusher, the thrust plate is damaged for various reasons. Usually, if the thrust plate breaks, it can not be repaired, but the replacement of new thrust plate should be carried out. So, how can you replace the thrusters of a jaw crusher correctly? This will be explained in more detail below.

1, when the propeller disk is too worn or the front propeller disk is broken, you should first stop the machine and repair it accordingly. First of all, clean up the slag in the crushing chamber, take out the worn or broken propeller disk, and then check whether there is any damage to the elbow on the propeller disk and connecting rod.

2、Pull the movable jaw to close to the fixed jaw, moisten the working surface of the elbow with dry oil, let the elbow and the elbow working surface slowly contact, then pull the handle tightly to make the elbow and the movable jaw card working surface bite each other, and then tighten the insurance cover.

3、Connect the lubrication system and adjust the size of the discharge hole appropriately according to the specific conditions to meet the production needs.

In short, it is very important to make the correct replacement of jaw crusher thrust plate, only in this way, can make it play a good effect in the operation and ensure the safety of production.

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