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Metso Jaw Crusher

1.Metso Jaw Crusher adopts the advanced modular welded plate frame, and the equipment can play its high-quality anti-fatigue performance in high-strength crushing operation.
2.Metso Jaw Crusher is endowed with excellent applicability, economy and low operating costs.
3.Metso Jaw Crusher can break raw materials of different sizes into small pieces with uniform particles for the next process.

Product advantages of Metso Jaw Crusher

1、Nordberg jaw crusher unique modular, non-welded plate frame structure is adopted to avoid reducing the service life of the equipment due to stress concentration when bearing impact load.

2、Nordberg C140 jaw crusher animal assembly with high-quality cast steel dynamic frequency, cast soft flywheel, forged heavy eccentric shaft and large rolling bearing assembly of international famous brands is more durable.

3、Jaw Crusher  integrated motor base is adopted to reduce the installation control of crusher and the length of V-belt, and to facilitate the adjustment of V-belt tension.

4、Equipped with dual-module hydraulic adjustment system. Metso Jaw Crusher makes the adjustment of the ore discharge port simpler, safer and faster. Even when the crusher is idling, the adjustment of the metso c106 jaw crusher discharge port can be completed. Metso Jaw Crusher can also perform hydraulic cavity cleaning.

5、C140 jaw crusher adopts the advanced modular welded plate frame, and the equipment can play c125 jaw crusher high-quality anti-fatigue performance in high-strength crushing operation.

6、Precise overall balance design, compact modular structure, perfect breaking bolt inclination design and dynamic frequency of strong circumferential speed make metso c150 jaw crusher play a high standard of financing part performance in work.

7、With c160 jaw crusher special external support components and durable and reliable case teaching parts, metso c140 jaw crusher  is endowed with excellent applicability, economy and low operating costs.Metso c125 jaw crusher  has the advantages of simple installation, large capacity, high intelligence, safety and reliability, and low maintenance cost in the later stage.

8、Metso c80 jaw crusher  equipment is divided into coarse metso c100 jaw crusher and fine metso c160 jaw crusher.Metso c96 jaw crusher  is the first process of production and beneficiation. Metso c116 jaw crusher  can break raw materials of different sizes into small pieces with uniform particles for the next process. 

9、This machine can also be used to produce road stones and building stone aggregate. Metso c110 jaw crusher  is characterized by large crushing ratio, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable operation, simple maintenance, and economic operation cost. 

10、Metso c110 jaw crusher  is widely used in many sectors such as mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry.Jaw crusher working  can crush various materials with compressive strength not exceeding 320 MPa.

Technical parameter of Metso Jaw Crusher

 ModelWidth of feed opening (mm)Feed inlet depth (mm)Max feeding size (mm)Crusher speed (rpm)Motor power (kw)Weight (t)

Product size(mm)Close side ore discharge port(mm)Productive power(t/h)








0-260175245-335310-390370-480355-450425-550370-465385-540470-610435-600520-675540-700460-635495-685 630-890






Metso Jaw Crusher Popular Models

These are the more popular models of Metso Jaw Crusher, but also our factory sells the best models of Metso Jaw Crusher, the data will be organized for your reference.

ModelFeed opening width (mm)Depth of feed opening (mm)Maximum feed size (mm)Crusher speed (rpm)Motor power (kw)Weight (t)Production capacity (t/h)Tight side discharge opening (mm)

Metso Jaw Crusher Applications

Nordberg jaw crusher is a widely used equipment in many industries, jaw crusher‘s

main applications include:

1. mining industry

nordberg c140 jaw crusher can be used for crushing and processing of limestone, granite, marble, basalt and many other ores.

2. metallurgical industry metso c106 jaw crusher is suitable for crushing work in the beneficiation and smelting process of iron 

ore, copper ore, manganese ore and other metal minerals.

3. Construction industry Metso Jaw Crusher can be used for crushing and recycling of construction waste, concrete, road 

paving materials and so on.

4. Chemical industry nordberg jaw crusher can also be used for crushing and processing of chemical raw materials such as 

pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, rubber, plastics and so on.

5. Quarry and mining applications 

nordberg c140 jaw crusher is ideally suited for quarry and mining applications, ensuring excellent 

productivity and lower tonnage consumption costs.

6. Primary Crushing Metso Jaw Crusher are generally used for primary crushing and are the equipment of choice for a 

variety of stone crushing lines.

7. Stationary Jaw Crushers       

metso c106 jaw crusher are single-elbow plate type with advanced features, optimized performance,

 easy maintenance, long service life and low tonnage cost.

8. Metso Jaw Crusher

Widely used in mining and smelting, building materials, highway, railroad, water conservancy and 

chemical industry, etc. Metso Jaw Crusher is suitable for primary crushing, rough crushing,

 primary/secondary crushing.

Nordberg jaw crusher plays an important role in promoting resource utilization and social development

 due to its high strength, high efficiency, low energy consumption and easy maintenance.

 List of Metso Jaw Crusher Technical Information and Configurations

Description of main parts of Metso Jaw Crusher


Part name





Side panels


Q355D 30Mn



Main shaft


42CrMo was used to modulate HB217-255

Our factory


Move the jaw


ZG20S i Mn

Our factory


Front gear


ZG20S i Mn

Our factory


Back gear


ZG20S i Mn

Our factory




HT 250

Our factory







Jaw Plate



Our factory







Elbow plate


HT 250

Our factory

Advantages of Metso Jaw Crusher

The advantages of nordberg jaw crusher include:

1. High crushing force and large crushing ratio

 nordberg c140 jaw crusher V-shaped crushing chamber coupled with the extrusion working principle

 makes the jaw crusher characterized by high crushing force and large crushing ratio.

2. Strong stability

metso c106 jaw crusher flywheel design enhances the stability of the , making the Metso Jaw Crusher

equipment run more smoothly.

3. Strong production capacity

 nordberg jaw crusher the crushing cavity is deep without dead zone, the one-time processing 

capacity is large, and the production capacity is strong.

4. Simple and compact structure

nordberg c140 jaw crusher easy to install and maintain, and the liner plate and other wear parts are

 wear-resistant and durable.

5. Large crushing ratio

metso c106 jaw crusher extremely high crushing ratio, very low requirements for feeding material, 

the power design of the equipment makes the material get crushed many times, improves the

crushing performance, and the product size is uniform.

6. Energy saving

 Metso Jaw Crusher is energy-saving, safe for operation and maintenance.

7. Easy Maintenance

nordberg jaw crusher small number of maintenance points and easy access reduces operation and 


8. Cavity optimization design

metso c106 jaw crusher deep cavity crushing ratio, cavity optimization design, high crushing efficiency.

9. Advanced movable jaw assembly

nordberg c140 jaw crusher of the jaw breaker is more advanced, which makes nordberg c140 

jaw crusher more durable.

10. Curved jaw plate design

metso c106 jaw crusher increase the effective length of jaw plate, large capacity and low power 


nordberg jaw crusher is widely used in primary crushing operation of stone crushing production 

line and sand making production line processing due to its above advantages.

Application Scope Of Metso Jaw Crusher

Metso c106 jaw crusher is mainly used as a coarse crushing crusher, with the aim of breaking rocks into smaller particle sizes for subsequent processing in the crushing section. Because nordberg jaw crusher can effectively handle large amounts of hard rocks, nordberg c140 jaw crusher are a popular alternative to coarse crushing rotary crushers. Due to Metso Jaw Crusher small size, metso c106 jaw crusher are also suitable for applications in narrow spaces, such as underground mining and mobile crushing applications.

nordberg jaw crusher

Easy installation, operation, and maintenance of  Metso Jaw Crusher

1、nordberg jaw crusher is designed to be modular, saving installation time and cost. Installation can be completed within a few days to minimize on-site engineering and manufacturing.

2、The optional IC10C automation system can be used to control nordberg c140 jaw crusher the series of Metso Jaw Crushers to achieve remote monitoring and adjustment settings for feeders, crushers, and conveyors. Through this method, the metso c106 jaw crusher can be remotely controlled, making Metso Jaw Crusher easier to operate and safer.

3、Based on long-term experience and comprehensive testing at customer sites, nordberg jaw crusher The key areas of the series metso c106 jaw crusher are equipped with wear protection. The design of vulnerable components and components is easy to access and replace.

4、On the basis of existing crushers, nordberg jaw crusher is easy to install remote monitoring, automation, and discharge port adjustment. Optional components can be transported separately.

FAQ  🔗

1. Question: Will we provide pre-sales service?

Answer: ShanYo is composed of experienced experts, and we will provide suitable solutions in a timely manner according to customer requirements.

2. Question: Is our after-sales service excellent?

Answer: ShanYo's skilled technical personnel can assist with on-site installation, debugging, and training as required. This will enable customers to optimize the performance of their new factory. Dimensional drawings along with service requirements will be provided before equipment delivery. This will enable customers to prepare the venue and allow them to start production in a timely manner.

ShanYo has sufficient spare parts inventory and their efficient service personnel will ensure that any necessary parts will be dispatched without delay. Depending on the urgency of the situation, spare parts can be delivered by air, sea, or express delivery. We encourage customers to keep their critical spare parts, such as crusher blades and screens, to ensure optimal machine condition and performance.

3. Question: Will we provide technical support?

Answer: ShanYo provides sufficient hardware resources, especially for large-scale production lines, where customers can install, debug, and inspect before delivery.

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