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Crusher Toggle Plate

1. crusher toggle plate is made of high strength material, with high compressive strength and abrasion resistance, able to withstand high strength work load.
2. crusher toggle plate is located in the Jaw Crusher crushing cavity and is in constant contact with the crushing material, thus having good abrasion resistance and being able to operate stably for a long time.
3. crusher toggle plate to adjust the width of the outlet of the crushing chamber to meet the requirements of different materials.

crusher toggle plate

Product Analysis

1、Function Of Toggle Plate In Jaw Crusher

The crusher toggle plate is the mechanical component that connects the movable jaw to the rest of the crusher. Crusher toggle plate acts as a safety device to protect the crusher in case of overload or shock load. This means that the toggle plate plays a vital role in a jaw crusher parts, ensuring that the machine can operate safely in the event of an unbreakable or abnormal load.


3、Toggle Plates or Hydraulic Relief: Choosing the Right System for Jaw Crushers 

4、Toggle Plate | Wear Parts For Industry

This is an important part of the jaw crusher that connects the movable jaw to the fixed jaw. This further emphasizes the central role of the toggle plate in the crusher.

5、Toggle Plates - SHANVIM

The toggle plate is a simple and low cost but very important part of the jaw crusher. Usually made of cast iron, it is essential for the protection of the movable jaws.

Taken together, the above information shows the importance of the crusher toggle plate in a jaw crusher. It is not only a safety device, but also a key component to improve efficiency and protect the equipment from damage. The word density analysis shows that toggle plate is a word with very high relevance to jaw crusher, and it occupies an important position in product design, operation and maintenance. Consideration of the toggle plate cannot be ignored when selecting and maintaining a jaw crusher.

Manufacturing process

1. **Material selection** 

- When manufacturing toggle plates, it is necessary to select materials with sufficient strength and 

fracture toughness to withstand the forces generated during the crushing process. This may involve

 knowledge and selection of different material properties.

2. **Design issues** 

- When designing a toggle plate, its function in a jaw crusher needs to be considered, including the 

transmission of crushing forces, the absorption of reaction forces, and its role as a safety device when 

encountering unbreakable objects.

3. **Operational Challenges** 

- Learn about the challenges of toggle plate operation in a jaw crusher, such as how to effectively

 control the movement of both jaws and how to protect the equipment when it encounters oversized 

or unbreakable material.

4. **Maintenance and inspection** 

- The manufacturing process may need to include instructions for regular inspection and maintenance

 of the toggle plate to ensure proper functioning and extended service life.

5. **Selection of Alternative Systems** **Selection of Alternative Systems** **Selection of Alternative Systems 

- The choice between a mechanical toggle plate and a hydraulic release system may need to be 

considered during the design and manufacturing process, depending on the nature of the material, 

desired throughput, and other operational requirements.

6. **Installation and replacement procedures** 

- The manufacturing process may also need to include instructions on how to properly install and 

replace the toggle plate to ensure efficient operation of the jaw crusher.

7. **Safety features** 

- As the toggle plate acts as a safety device in the event of overload, manufacturing needs to ensure

 that it is capable of breaking if necessary to protect other components of the jaw crusher.

8. **Cost effectiveness** 

- Considering the cost-effectiveness, the manufacturing process may need to utilize lower cost but

 good performance materials, such as cast iron, while ensuring that it meets the required mechanical 


9. **Manufacturing techniques** 

- Casting, forging, or other metalworking techniques may be involved to manufacture the toggle plate, 

depending on the required accuracy, strength, and production costs.

10. **Quality Control** 

- Stringent quality control measures are required during the manufacturing process to ensure that each 

toggle plate meets the design specifications and performance requirements.

Application of crusher toggle plate

Crusher Toggle Plate is a very important safety and operational component in a jaw crusher parts. Crusher Toggle Plate are the applications and functions of the Crusher Toggle Plate in a jaw crusher:

1. As a safety device in the jaw crusher, the Crusher Toggle Plate will break or bend when the machine encounters too hard or too heavy objects that cannot be crushed, so as to protect the main parts of the machine from damage.

2、The Crusher Toggle Plate connects the movable jaw and other parts of the jaw crusher to ensure that the movable jaw can reciprocate in accordance with the predetermined trajectory of movement

3. During the crushing process, the Crusher Toggle Plate will be the first to be damaged if Crusher Toggle Plate encounters unbreakable materials, which can avoid further damage to the crusher, such as bearings, shafts or other key components.

4. Jaw crusher design and operational challenges include the selection and maintenance of Crusher Toggle Plate, which are directly related to crusher efficiency and longevity.

5. Studying Crusher Toggle Plate selection and design is critical to improving jaw crusher performance, including consideration of material characteristics and crusher operating conditions.

Production equipment  🔗

The main equipment of our factory includes five-meter CNC vertical lathe, slotting machine, three-zero lathe, eight-point rocker, Hangzhou crane, 160 boring machine, internal milling machine and other equipment.

There are large and medium sized Vertical lathe 125806020Horizontal lathe 1609060 Floor type borer 1008050 Radial drill Various processing 40 equipment.

In the processing of production, not only to the high quality can be ensured by reasonable arrangements, as well as a high efficiency, all equipment including vulnerable parts,spare parts,product parts are processed by our own production.

Jaw crusher parts

Ongoing Feedback Service

ShanYo is as concerned with not only the equipment we are selling tomorrow, but, with those out in the field already. With a customer first attitude ShanYo  makes it a point that past sales are just as important as the future. Because of this ShanYo  will periodically check in with current users to gather feedback and offer any practical feedback or necessary adjustments that will help obtain the upmost benefit to all our customers.  

Our goal is to provide minining equipment of excellent quality and reliability, in order to establish a reputation and relationship with our customers which will keep them customers for life. 
We have a strict quality control system in place throughout the entire production process, so our products are all of the highest quality and reliability.
If you have a need for any mining equipment, or related spare parts, please feel free to contact us. We are dedicated to serving each of our customers to their complete satisfaction.

crusher toggle plate

Packing of Cone Crusher Parts  🔗

 Our company uses wooden cases for packaging and plastic film to reinforce the packaging to ensure that the products can be delivered to customers in good condition.

Jaw crusher parts

crusher toggle plate

FAQ  🔗

01.Are you a factory or a trading company?

Shenyang Shanyo Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, the old heavy industry base in northeast China. It is the first batch of factories producing and manufacturing mining machinery and equipment.

02.What products does your company mainly produce and also produce various parts?

Our company mainly produces various types of cone crusher, jaw crusher, rotary crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, feeder, ball mill and other products. At the same time, we also produce various equipment parts to provide customers with all-round services.

03.What is your after-sales service like?

After purchasing the equipment, we will assign special after-sales service personnel free of charge to arrive at the site to guide customers in installation, commissioning, trial operation and on-site training of operators. The equipment is subject to three guarantees, and the warranty period is one year. After-sales service is the guarantee of long-term cooperation between the company and users. Our company has a professional after-sales service team with strong technical force. If the equipment fails during the warranty period, our company will arrange after-sales service personnel to arrive at the site as soon as possible to eliminate the fault and ensure the normal production of users.

04.Do you have any advantages?

We have not only advanced production equipment, such as CNC vertical lathe, Hangzhou crane, milling machine, boring machine and other equipment, but also 16 professional and technical personnel. At the same time, we also have advanced production technology. Shenyang Shanyou has been engaged in manufacturing mining machinery and equipment for 27 years. We are strict with ourselves to ensure that every product produced meets the factory requirements and customer requirements. We will carry out quality control on every detail, So as to produce high-quality machinery and equipment.

If you are interested in our products, you can always leave a message to us, we will be the first time to reply to your message, looking forward to your inquiry!

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