• Symons cone crusher Adjustment Ring
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Symons cone crusher Adjustment Ring

1. The Symons cone crusher adjustment ring is made of high strength material, which can withstand high pressure and impact to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment.
2. The Symons cone crusher adjustment ring is specially treated for good wear resistance and can be kept in good working condition for a long time to reduce the maintenance and replacement costs of the equipment.
3. The Symons cone crusher adjustment ring is precisely machined to ensure accurate dimensions and closer coordination with other equipment components to improve the efficiency and stability of the equipment.

symons cone crusher Adjustment ring

Technical parameter of Symons cone crusher Adjustment Ring

ModelPart NumberDescription
Symons 3ft6187-3900Adjustment ring
Symons 4ft6187-5200Adjustment ring
Symons 4 1/4ft6187-5589Adjustment ring
Symons 4 1/4ft6187-5590Adjustment ring
Symons 5 1/2ft6187-6302Adjustment ring
Symons 5 1/2ft6187-6303Adjustment ring
Symons 7ft 6187-9501Adjustment ring
Symons 7ft 6187-9500Adjustment ring
Symons 7ft 6187-9512 Adjustment ring
Symons 7ft 6187-7951 Adjustment ring
Symons 7ft 6187-7952 Adjustment ring

Quality control

1High frequency infrared carbon &sulfur analyzer

2Metallographic microscope

3Machinery performance testing equipment

4Hardness testing equipment

5CST-22 Ultrasonic flow detector

6Materials: High manganese or other materials as your requested.

7 Use: Wear parts for crushers in the quarry, mining, construction and metallurgical industry fields, etc...

8ISO9001 & CE certification.

9Production quality testing: Hardness testing, metallographic structure, machinery performance testing and surface analysis etc...

10Competitive products: Good quality with reasonable price.

11Strong wear resistance and long life span, can be used in harsh environment and serious abrasion.

12We can provide customized design according to our clients' requirement and also refine our products by our clients' feedback.

Product advantages of Symons cone crusher Adjustment Ring

1 Improved production

2 More accurate product sizing

3 Better wear metal utilization and lower discard weight

4 Longer wear part life

5 Lower overall operating costs

Workshop equipment

The area of workshop is 35,000 square meters,with nearly 200 employees,16 professional technical personnels,the annual output value is around 50 millions.

symons crusher parts

crusher parts

Ongoing Feedback Service

ShanYo is as concerned with not only the equipment we are selling tomorrow, but, with those out in the field already. With a customer first attitude ShanYo  makes it a point that past sales are just as important as the future. Because of this ShanYo  will periodically check in with current users to gather feedback and offer any practical feedback or necessary adjustments that will help obtain the upmost benefit to all our customers.  

Our goal is to provide minining equipment of excellent quality and reliability, in order to establish a reputation and relationship with our customers which will keep them customers for life. 
We have a strict quality control system in place throughout the entire production process, so our products are all of the highest quality and reliability.
If you have a need for any mining equipment, or related spare parts, please feel free to contact us. We are dedicated to serving each of our customers to their complete satisfaction. 

symons cone crusher Adjustment ring

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