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  • Symons cone crusher Bowl
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Symons cone crusher Bowl

1. The Symons cone crusher Bowl is made of a high-strength material that can withstand high speeds of rotation and wear and has a long service life.
2. The Bowl design of the Symons cone crusher Bowl provides a larger crushing chamber volume, increasing the contact area between the material and the crushing head, thus improving crushing efficiency.
3. The design of the Symons cone crusher Bowl is optimized for structural stability, high strength shock and vibration resistance, and stable operation of the equipment.

symons cone crusher Bowl

Technical parameter of Symons cone crusher Bowl

ModelPart NumberDescription
Symons 3ft2005-2437Bowl 
Symons 3ft2005-2576Bowl 
Symons 4ft2005-3652Bowl 
Symons 4ft2005-3653Bowl 
Symons 4ft2005-3988Bowl 
Symons 4ft2005-3989Bowl 
Symons 4ft2005-4330Bowl 
Symons 4 1/4ft2005-4776 Bowl 
Symons 4 1/4ft2005-4778Bowl 
Symons 4 1/4ft2005-5006Bowl 
Symons 5 1/2ft2005-5791Bowl 
Symons 5 1/2ft2005-5792Bowl 
Symons 5 1/2ft2005-7026Bowl 
Symons 5 1/2ft2005-7027Bowl 
Symons 5 1/2ft2005-6280Bowl 
Symons 5 1/2ft2005-6282Bowl 
Symons 7ft2005-8831Bowl 
Symons 7ft2005-9361Bowl 
Symons 7ft2005-8833Bowl 
Symons 7ft2005-9335Bowl 
Symons 7ft2005-9345Bowl 
Symons 7ft2005-8605Bowl 
Symons 7ft2005-9276Bowl 
Symons 7ft2005-9359Bowl 
Symons 7ft2005-9385Bowl 

FAQ  🔗

01.Are you a factory or a trading company?

Shenyang Shanyo Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, the old heavy industry base in northeast China. It is the first batch of factories producing and manufacturing mining machinery and equipment.

02.What products does your company mainly produce and also produce various parts?

Our company mainly produces various types of cone crusher, jaw crusher, rotary crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, feeder, ball mill and other products. At the same time, we also produce various equipment parts to provide customers with all-round services.

03.What is your after-sales service like?

After purchasing the equipment, we will assign special after-sales service personnel free of charge to arrive at the site to guide customers in installation, commissioning, trial operation and on-site training of operators. The equipment is subject to three guarantees, and the warranty period is one year. After-sales service is the guarantee of long-term cooperation between the company and users. Our company has a professional after-sales service team with strong technical force. If the equipment fails during the warranty period, our company will arrange after-sales service personnel to arrive at the site as soon as possible to eliminate the fault and ensure the normal production of users.

04.Do you have any advantages?

We have not only advanced production equipment, such as CNC vertical lathe, Hangzhou crane, milling machine, boring machine and other equipment, but also 16 professional and technical personnel. At the same time, we also have advanced production technology. Shenyang Shanyou has been engaged in manufacturing mining machinery and equipment for 27 years. We are strict with ourselves to ensure that every product produced meets the factory requirements and customer requirements. We will carry out quality control on every detail, So as to produce high-quality machinery and equipment.

Quality control

1High frequency infrared carbon &sulfur analyzer

2Metallographic microscope

3Machinery performance testing equipment

4Hardness testing equipment

5CST-22 Ultrasonic flow detector

6Materials: High manganese or other materials as your requested.

7 Use: Wear parts for crushers in the quarry, mining, construction and metallurgical industry fields, etc...

8ISO9001 & CE certification.

9Production quality testing: Hardness testing, metallographic structure, machinery performance testing and surface analysis etc...

10Competitive products: Good quality with reasonable price.

11Strong wear resistance and long life span, can be used in harsh environment and serious abrasion.

12We can provide customized design according to our clients' requirement and also refine our products by our clients' feedback.

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cone crusher parts

symons crusher parts

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symons cone crusher Bowl

cone crusher parts

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