• Symons cone crusher main shaft assembly
  • Symons cone crusher main shaft assembly
  • Symons cone crusher main shaft assembly
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Symons cone crusher main shaft assembly

1. Symons cone crusher main shaft assembly is made of high-strength materials to ensure its stability and durability under high load working conditions.
2. This product undergoes precision machining to ensure the accuracy and balance of the shaft, thereby improving the operational efficiency and stability of the equipment.
3. Symons cone crusher main shaft assembly undergoes strict quality control and testing to ensure excellent reliability and durability, reducing equipment failures and downtime.

symons cone crusher main shaft assembly

Product advantages of Symons cone crusher main shaft assembly

1、 Improved production

2 、More accurate product sizing
3 、Better wear metal utilization and lower discard weight
4 、Longer wear part life
5 、Lower overall operating costs

Product description of Symons cone crusher main shaft assembly

Cone crusher internal parts-- main shaft assembly 
Through our application-driven, site-specific engineering capabilities, our offering of replacement cone crusher parts of most any origin has gained acceptance and earned the confidence of aggregate and mining operations around the world. We have cooperating with SDVIK、SYMONS and some other famous companies based on high quality and service. From heads & shafts to eccentrics and bushings to liners, plates and bearings, East-mining is Your Replacement Cone Crusher Parts SuperStore.

Quality control of Symons cone crusher main shaft assembly

High frequency infrared carbon &sulfur analyzer
Metallographic microscope
Machinery performance testing equipment
Hardness testing equipment
CST-22 Ultrasonic flow detector

Product details of Symons cone crusher main shaft assembly

1、 Materials: High manganese or other materials as your requested.
2、Use: Wear parts for crushers in the quarry, mining, construction and metallurgical industry fields, etc...
3、 ISO9001 & CE certification.
4、Production quality testing: Hardness testing, metallographic structure, machinery performance testing and surface analysis etc...
5、Competitive products: Good quality with reasonable price.
6、 Strong wear resistance and long life span, can be used in harsh environment and serious abrasion.
7、 We can provide customized design according to our clients' requirement and also refine our products by our clients' feedback.

Technical parameter of Symons cone crusher main shaft assembly

ModelPart NumberDescription
Symons 3ft5013-2201Mantle
Symons 3ft5013-2501Mantle
Symons 3ft5013-2801Mantle
Symons 3ft5013-3401Mantle
Symons 3ft5013-3801Mantle
Symons 4ft 5013-4101Mantle
Symons 4ft 5013-4201Mantle
Symons 4ft 5013-4300Mantle
Symons 4ft 5013-4801 Mantle
Symons 4 1/4ft5013-4451Mantle
Symons 4 1/4ft5013-6001Mantle
Symons 5 1/2ft5013-7001Mantle
Symons 5 1/2ft5013-7401Mantle
Symons 5 1/2ft5013-7601Mantle
Symons 7ft5013-9001Mantle
Symons 7ft5013-9203Mantle
Symons 7ft5013-9268Mantle
Symons 7ft5013-9276Mantle

Factory Introduction  🔗

Our factory has a history of more than 20 years, covering a total area of 36000 square meters, and equipped with advanced production equipment. In our factory, we have produced more than 1000 sets of mining equipment. With our reliable quality assurance and high-quality after-sales service, we have won the unanimous praise of the majority of users.

Our company's products mainly include mining equipment such as cone crushers, rotary crushers, jaw crushers, ball mills, etc. The equipment specifications range from large to small, with complete models. At present, there are many categories of cone crushers in our company's main core products. In addition to the classic spring crushers, our company's subsequent main HP/MC multi cylinder cone crushers and CH-CS/SC single cylinder crushers are all manufactured according to the imported original drawing 1:1, which can replace the original imported crushers. Due to their high cost-effectiveness and timely after-sales service, they have received recognition and support from many customers. (For specific details, please refer to the product information on the official website)

Our company also has long-term stock of accessories and vulnerable parts, such as Symons, Sandvik, and Mesto, which can be interchanged with original accessories. Simply provide the original part number to produce, and the materials and dimensions meet the original quality. This allows users to use and purchase with confidence before and after purchase, ensuring production.

symons parts

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symons cone crusher main shaft assembly

symons parts

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