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Fixed Jaw Plate

1. fixed jaw plate is positioned on the side of the Jaw Plate to protect the Jaw.
2.fixed jaw plate provides additional support to enhance the stability of the Jaw Plate.
3. fixed jaw plate gauge reduces material spillage from the side of the Jaw Plate. The utility model can play a guiding role, guide the material into the crushing cavity, reduce the material leakage phenomenon, and improve the crushing efficiency.

fixed jaw plate

Application of fixed jaw plate

Fixed Jaw Plate is an important part of the jaw crusher parts, which works together with the movable jaw plate to crush the material. Fixed Jaw Plate are some of the main applications and functions of the Fixed Jaw Plate:

1、Fixed Jaw Plate and Movable Jaw Plate move relative to each other to squeeze and crush the materials entering the crushing chamber.

2、The distance between the fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate (Close Side Setting, CSS) determines the size of the product, which is the crushing ratio.

3、The design and shape of the fixed jaw plate has an important impact on the crushing efficiency, different jaw plate design can adapt to different hardness and type of materials.

4、Fixed jaws are usually made of high wear-resistant materials to resist wear under high loads and extend their service life.

5、Fixed jaw plates are usually designed to be easy to replace and maintain to reduce downtime.

6, Fixed Jaw Plates can be used in various types of Jaw Crushers, including Simple Oscillating Jaw Crushers and Complex Oscillating Jaw Crushers.

7. The shape and size of the fixed jaw plate has a decisive effect on the shape of the crushing chamber, which in turn affects the overall performance of the crusher.

8. Although the fixed jaw plate wears slower than the movable jaw plate, it still needs to be inspected and replaced periodically to maintain the best performance of the crusher.

9、Fixed jaw plates are widely used in many fields such as mining, quarrying, construction material production, waste recycling and processing.

The fixed jaw plate is an indispensable part of the jaw crusher, and its design, material selection and maintenance are critical to the performance and life of the crusher. The efficiency and reliability of a jaw crusher can be significantly improved by choosing the right material and design for the fixed jaw plate.

Production equipment  🔗

The main equipment of our factory includes five-meter CNC vertical lathe, slotting machine, three-zero lathe, eight-point rocker, Hangzhou crane, 160 boring machine, internal milling machine and other equipment.

There are large and medium sized Vertical lathe 125806020Horizontal lathe 1609060 Floor type borer 1008050 Radial drill Various processing 40 equipment.

In the processing of production, not only to the high quality can be ensured by reasonable arrangements, as well as a high efficiency, all equipment including vulnerable parts,spare parts,product parts are processed by our own production.

Jaw crusher parts

Scheme design

You can provide your requirements, such as the size of the feeding and discharging ports of the machine you need, as well as the production capacity, so that we can design a perfect production line for you to refer to.

fixed jaw plate

After-sales service

Service Networks

Shenyang Shanyo Heavy Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has many service outlets in China, and we have agents in many places in China, our service is attentive, manufacturing is careful, price is satisfactory, so that customers can rest assured.

One year warranty

After purchasing the equipment, we will assign specialized after-sales service personnel free of charge to arrive at the scene to guide customers to install and debug, trial run, on-site training of operators. Equipment to implement three packages, warranty period of one year.

Professional service

After-sales service is a long-term cooperation between the company and the user's protection, our company is equipped with professional after-sales service team, strong technical force, customers in the warranty period, such as equipment failure, our company will be the first time to arrange for after-sales service personnel to arrive at the scene, troubleshooting, to ensure that the user's normal production.

Packing of Cone Crusher Parts  🔗

 Our company uses wooden cases for packaging and plastic film to reinforce the packaging to ensure that the products can be delivered to customers in good condition.

Jaw crusher parts

fixed jaw plate

FAQ  🔗

01.Are you a factory or a trading company?

Shenyang Shanyo Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, the old heavy industry base in northeast China. It is the first batch of factories producing and manufacturing mining machinery and equipment.

02.What products does your company mainly produce and also produce various parts?

Our company mainly produces various types of cone crusher, jaw crusher, rotary crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, feeder, ball mill and other products. At the same time, we also produce various equipment parts to provide customers with all-round services.

03.What is your after-sales service like?

After purchasing the equipment, we will assign special after-sales service personnel free of charge to arrive at the site to guide customers in installation, commissioning, trial operation and on-site training of operators. The equipment is subject to three guarantees, and the warranty period is one year. After-sales service is the guarantee of long-term cooperation between the company and users. Our company has a professional after-sales service team with strong technical force. If the equipment fails during the warranty period, our company will arrange after-sales service personnel to arrive at the site as soon as possible to eliminate the fault and ensure the normal production of users.

04.Do you have any advantages?

We have not only advanced production equipment, such as CNC vertical lathe, Hangzhou crane, milling machine, boring machine and other equipment, but also 16 professional and technical personnel. At the same time, we also have advanced production technology. Shenyang Shanyou has been engaged in manufacturing mining machinery and equipment for 27 years. We are strict with ourselves to ensure that every product produced meets the factory requirements and customer requirements. We will carry out quality control on every detail, So as to produce high-quality machinery and equipment.

If you are interested in our products, you can always leave a message to us, we will be the first time to reply to your message, looking forward to your inquiry!

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