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Spring Cone Crusher

1.Spring cone crusher is one of the most widely used cone crusher in the domestic market at present, and it is also the first cone crusher applied in the mining field.
2.Spring cone crusher is characterized by reliable structure, stable operation, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment, and uniform product size.
3.Spring cone crusher is our main product. Common cone crusher has four specifications: 900, 1200, 1750 and 2200.

spring crusher

Product advantages of Spring Cone Crusher

1、Spring Cone Crusher has the technology of automatically removing foreign matters. When the non-breaking foreign matters pass through the crushing chamber or the machine is overloaded for some reason.

2、 Spring Cone Crusher spring safety system realizes the insurance and increases the ore discharge. The foreign matters are discharged from the crushing chamber. 

3、If the foreign matters are stuck at the ore discharge port, the cavity cleaning system is used to make the ore discharge continue to increase and the foreign matters are discharged from the crushing chamber. Under the action of spring, the ore discharge port automatically resets, and the spring cone crusher returns to normal operation.

4、The crushing cavity is the geometric space formed between the moving cone and the fixed cone. The shape of the crushing chamber has a great influence on the performance of the whole machine. The cavity shape of Spring Cone Crusher is the main technical index of crushing. 

5、The machine is designed with four specifications of cavity types from coarse crushing to fine crushing. There are six possible combinations of spring cone crusher, which means that it can be widely applied to the special requirements of users.

6、 Spring Cone Crusher adopts labyrinth sealing device, which replaces the water seal used in the past, so that dust and impurities cannot enter the body, thus ensuring the cleanness of lubricating oil and extending the service life of sliding bearing and thrust ball bearing, Make the machine run reliably and stably. 

7、Spring Cone Crusher used to replace the crushing wall very slowly, and the new structure of cone crusher replaced the crushing wall very quickly. Because the upper crushing wall is equipped with a clip, which can be fixed by jacking up with bolts, and the lower crushing wall is fixed by hydraulic nuts. 

8、The upper and lower crushing walls do not need any filling materials on the back, so the replacement speed reduces the labor intensity of workers. Spring Cone Crusher are widely used crusher.

Technical parameter of Spring Cone Crusher



Dynamic cone diameter (mm)

Feed opening (mm)

C.S.S (mm)

Max feed length (mm)Handing capacity (t/h)

Power (kw)

Weight (t)


widely used crusher

Workshop equipment of Spring Cone Crusher  🔗

secondary crusher

spring crusher

widely used crusher

secondary crusher

spring crusher

On site photos of  Spring Cone Crusher

widely used crusher

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Shipping photos of Spring Cone Crusher  🔗

spring crusher

widely used crusher

secondary crusher

spring crusher

FAQ  🔗

1. Question: Will we provide pre-sales service?

Answer: ShanYo is composed of experienced experts, and we will provide suitable solutions in a timely manner according to customer requirements.

2. Question: Is our after-sales service excellent?

Answer: ShanYo's skilled technical personnel can assist with on-site installation, debugging, and training as required. This will enable customers to optimize the performance of their new factory. Dimensional drawings along with service requirements will be provided before equipment delivery. This will enable customers to prepare the venue and allow them to start production in a timely manner.

ShanYo has sufficient spare parts inventory and their efficient service personnel will ensure that any necessary parts will be dispatched without delay. Depending on the urgency of the situation, spare parts can be delivered by air, sea, or express delivery. We encourage customers to keep their critical spare parts, such as crusher blades and screens, to ensure optimal machine condition and performance.

3. Question: Will we provide technical support?

Answer: ShanYo provides sufficient hardware resources, especially for large-scale production lines, where customers can install, debug, and inspect before delivery.

Ongoing Feedback Service  🔗

ShanYo is as concerned with not only the equipment we are selling tomorrow, but, with those out in the field already. With a customer first attitude ShanYo  makes it a point that past sales are just as important as the future. Because of this ShanYo  will periodically check in with current users to gather feedback and offer any practical feedback or necessary adjustments that will help obtain the upmost benefit to all our customers.

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